About Us

About Us

Fresh Thinking was set up in 2010 to provide training and coaching services.

In 2015, the business was repurposed as an outsourced human resource department providing the following services for SME's and individuals:

  -  Workplace Mediation and ADR

  -  Human Resource Management

  -  Management Assisted Learning

  -  Career and Life Coaching

  -  Counselling and Mentoring 

  -  Accounts & Payroll


We are based n Kildare, Ireland however we work all over the Island or Ireland and within the UK.


We are sufficiently experienced to have worked through both good times and previous recessionary times.


We believe in partnering with clients for the long term.


Our main objective is to create an organisational environment where:

  - Performance is valued

  - Employees are engaged

  - Diversity is respected

  - Conflict is addressed

  - Disputes are avoided through pro-active management