Coaching for Positive Change

Coaching for Positive Change

"It is never too late to be what you might have become."  ~  George Eliot



At Fresh Thinking, we believe all life has a beginning and an end.  The start of life marks the first point on the circle of life.  The circle can imitate the seasons, constanly changing and bringing new experiences; opportunities for you to grow, learn and develop.  Like children we are continiously learning and the way most of us learn is by making mistakes.  Remember, when you were small and you made lost of mistakes but sometimes you made the same mistake over and over until you learned; perhaps it was to walk, you stumbled and fell many times but eventually through the constant encouragement and coaching from your parents you did learn to walk!  As adults we are still making mistakes but more often than not, we don't get the same encouragement nor do we allow ourselves the same freedom to learn as we once did as children.  Think about someone you know who has failed the first attempt at their driving test - perhaps it was you! In most cases you will not want to tell people the second time you take your driving test.  What we forget to remember is that the world is full of opportunity for those who challenge themselves to take a chance.  When you continuously practice you will eventually fail to fail at what you are doing....   Coaching provides a platform for you to examine the possibilities and provide you with the right encouragement while seeking your best answers by asking you the right questions to your current dilemas.



Coaching is the process of assisting the client to make powerful transitions within their lives.  This can include general live situations such as career changes, relationship improvements or dealing with separation and divorce.  Coaching also has a place in the world of business often referred to as executive coaching and can help in many areas to improve the overall performance of the organisation.



According to Douglas McKenna, (chief executive of Oceanside Institute and former head of leadership development at Microsoft) when conditions are right, executive coaching can be one of the best people investments you'll ever make.  But he says it is not a panacea for every executive development problem.


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."  ~  Marcel Proust



Personal Development is often referred to as "self development" or "personal growth" whereby a personal aims to improve their mind, body and spirit in order to achieve more effectiveness in their lives.  



Personal Coaching is often referred to as "Liffe Coaching" and involves a mutual communication by two people whereby the coach guides the coachee through a process of self discovery.  This involves a number of processes including "goal setting", self reflection and evaluation, identifying and controlling limited beliefs, managing weaknesses and improving personal strengths. 

Mindfulness is an increasingly used buzz-word used in personal development to describe an ancient Budhist practice of being mindful of your current state of being.  Otherwise known as "living in the present moment", mindfulness training is key to dealing with and managing stress.  At Fresh Thinking, we provide training in mindfulness within our personal development course where we provide practical support and advice on managing and improving your self development.  If you would like to learn more about Mindfulness we think you may like this article by Christopher Germer:


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a set of psychological tools which can help you live more happily, become more motivated, communicate, influence and persuade more easily while improving yourself in any area of your life.  It is a powerful, practical and precise approach towards allowing you to achieve goals and make your life more exceptional than you could possibly have dreamed off.

The Irish Institute of NLP:


"There's only one corner of the universe that you can be certain of changing, and that's your own." ~ Aldous Huxley

At Fresh Thinking, we work with you and your team to review and evaluate individual and team performance with your objectives in mind.