Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

"Human Resources are like natural resources; they're often buried deep.  You have to go looking for them, they're not just lying around on the surface.  You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves." ~ Ken Robinson

At Fresh Thinking, we offer the following services as required: 


  •  - Set up HR policies, procedures, contracts of employment and internal HR forms and processes
  •  - Develop employee handbook and roll out to all staff
  •  - Hold one-to-one's with all staff members to establish HR issues
  •  - Conduct HR training session with manager(s)and/or staff
  •  - Attend organsisation premises on regular basis and assist manager(s) and/or employees with any HR issues
  •  - Provide telephone/email back-up to manager(s)

Other areas covered by the HR Outsourcing Service includes:

  •  - Occassional HR advice e.g. assist in disciplinary issue
  •  - Workplace Mediation
  •  - Organisation Restructuring Projects
  •  - Interview Panel Work
  •  - Coaching and Mentoring
  •  - Training and Development

Fresh Thinking HRM Solutions can oversee the whole recruitment process which includes:

  •  - Developing job description and person specification
  •  - Liaising with recruitment agency or newspaper
  •  - Provide access to assessment tests
  •  - Chair interviews (including collating records)
  •  - Conduct reference checks and organise medicals
  •  - Develop contract of employment
  •  - Assist in development of induction period objectives
  •  - Conduct induction trainiing

We work on an as-needed-basis or fixed fee in accordance with our client's needs...