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Welcome to FT Consultants, your partner in crafting effective human resource management and fostering productive workplace relations.  
Our journey began in 2010 when FreshThinking was conceived by our dedicated Managing Director, in response to the global recession's aftermath. In a time of 14.5% unemployment rate in Ireland, the need for strategic human resource solutions was more palpable than ever. 
Our commitment has always been rooted in turning challenges into opportunities through innovative and resilient HR strategies. FreshThinking was established on the belief that every hurdle, especially in human resource management, could be transformed into a stepping stone with the right approach and mindset. 
Recognizing the potential to make a more significant impact, we took a bold step in 2022 to incorporate. Today, as FreshThinking Consultants Limited, also known as FT Consultants, we have evolved into a stalwart in the field of human resource management and workplace relations. 
Despite our growth, our core values have remained steadfast. We continue to bring fresh thinking and strategic solutions to workplaces, focusing on people as the heart of any organisation. Our mission is not just about providing services; we aim to empower businesses, cultivate positive workplace environments, and facilitate the development of dynamic teams. 
FT Consultants is more than just a consultancy firm. We are a beacon for businesses seeking strategic human resource solutions and healthier workplace relations. We are here to guide you through the intricacies of today's ever-evolving business landscape, turning HR challenges into strategic assets. 
Welcome to the world of FreshThinking. Together, we can create workplaces where people thrive, and businesses succeed. 
We invite you to continue browsing to acquaint yourself better with our esteemed Management Team and dedicated Associates. 
Catherine Fitzsimons-Belgaid (Managing Director) at FreshThinking is an experienced HRM Business partner, Employment Law Specialist, Educator (Lecturer), Workplace Mediator, and NLP Coach.  
Welcome to FT Consultants Limited, where we are proud to introduce Catherine as an esteemed member of our professional team. With her impressive qualifications and diverse skill set, Catherine brings invaluable expertise to our consultancy firm. 
Catherine is a highly respected professional known for her extensive expertise in employment law and human resource management. With an LLM (Employment Law in Practice) from the renowned Law Society of Ireland, she has solidified her position as an authoritative figure in navigating the complexities of employment law. Catherine's wealth of knowledge enables her to provide clients with astute guidance and support, ensuring compliance and facilitating effective resolutions for employment-related challenges. 
In addition to her legal qualifications, Catherine holds an MSc in Human Resource Management from University College Dublin in partnership with the IPA (Institute of Public Administration). This comprehensive educational background equips her with a deep understanding of strategic human resource management practices. By integrating her legal and HR knowledge, Catherine is able to offer holistic solutions that address both legal compliance and organizational effectiveness. 
Catherine's dedication to continuous professional development is evident through her supplementary qualifications. She possesses teaching qualifications that enhance her skills as an educator, drawing on her own learning experiences to create powerful learning environments. By incorporating principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL), Catherine ensures that her teaching methods cater to diverse learning styles, abilities, and preferences, promoting inclusivity and accessibility. Leveraging technology tools and resources through TEL, she engages students in interactive learning experiences and fosters collaboration. 
Furthermore, Catherine's expertise extends to workplace mediation, utilizing her qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming to employ powerful communication and influence techniques. Her proficiency in Arabic as a second language allows her to seamlessly engage with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, facilitating culturally sensitive and inclusive mediations. 
As a valuable member of FT Consultants Limited, Catherine plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality support to clients. Her ability to integrate legal acumen, strategic HR insights, effective communication techniques, and expertise in teaching contributes to navigating complex workplace challenges with finesse. 
By choosing FT Consultants Limited, clients can rely on Catherine's expertise and dedication to guide them through the intricacies of employment law, human resource management, and workplace mediation. Her unwavering passion and commitment ensure tailored solutions and favorable outcomes for clients' specific needs. 
Margaret Quinn (Director) at FreshThinking is an experienced HRM Business partner, Educator (Lecturer), with a wealth of experience in employee relations particularly within the Retail Sector. 
Introducing Margaret Quinn, a seasoned professional with a remarkable background in retail excellence and human resource management. With her extensive experience and expertise, Margaret brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, making her a valuable asset in driving organisational success. 
Margaret is a seasoned HRM Business partner with extensive experience in employee relations, particularly within the Retail Sector. Margaret's remarkable journey began at Superquinn, where she started as a sales assistant and worked her way up to the position of Training Manager. Her achievement of becoming the first female manager in the male-dominated retail industry is a testament to her talent and determination. 
During her tenure at Superquinn, Margaret played a pivotal role in developing and implementing various development programs within the organization, showcasing her profound understanding of human resource management. Her expertise spans talent acquisition, employee development, performance management, and employee engagement initiatives. Margaret's ability to foster positive and inclusive work environments has consistently led to highly motivated teams and increased employee productivity. 
One of Margaret's notable achievements was leading a project at Superquinn in the 1990s that provided opportunities for junior managers, assistant managers, and existing managers to advance within the organization. Through her guidance, 25 managers achieved an MBA standard, despite many of them having only a Leaving Certificate education. 
Throughout her career, Margaret has effectively managed teams and fostered a culture of collaboration and continuous growth. She understands the importance of aligning business objectives with human capital strategies, enabling organizations to achieve their goals while cultivating a supportive and high-performing workforce. 
During her time at Superquinn, Margaret successfully managed several major projects, including the opening of new stores in the Dublin area, navigating change within the Human Resources department during the company's expansion and diversification, managing training for the first scanning store in Ireland, and re-establishing the company's mission statement on customer service to 3500 team members. 
Since 2002, Margaret has been working as an independent consultant, offering human resource management services to small and medium-sized businesses. She has also collaborated with various Education and Training Boards (ETBs) across the country, delivering training programs at QQI qualifications from levels 3 to 6. Leveraging her prior experience in fostering collaboration and continuous growth, Margaret strives to understand the objectives of students in these programs and successfully align them with the goals of the organization and training institutes. 
Margaret is committed to continuously honing her skills and knowledge by engaging with various institutes, including Retail Stirling University Industry, University of Michigan (F.M.I), I.M.I & FAS, NUI, the Law Society, and UCD. Her expertise, coupled with her dedication to continuous improvement, makes her an invaluable asset in cultivating engaged and high-performing individuals and organisations. 
Marcello Pietrocola (Director) at FreshThinking is an experienced financial advisor with a background in pensions and insurance. 
Introducting Marcello Pietrocola, a distinguished professional with a notable background in pensions and insurance. With his expertise and qualifications, Marcello brings extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience to the field. 
Marcello holds an esteemed LLM (Employment Law in Practice) from the esteemed Law Society of Ireland, demonstrating his expertise in navigating the complex legal landscape surrounding employment law. This qualification enables him to provide invaluable guidance and support to clients in matters related to pensions and insurance, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and optimizing benefit programs. 
With a deep understanding of pensions, Marcello possesses a comprehensive grasp of the intricate mechanisms involved in retirement planning and wealth management. His proficiency in evaluating and designing pension schemes ensures that individuals and organisations can make informed decisions to secure their financial futures. Marcello's expertise extends to insurance matters, where he leverages his knowledge to assess risks, determine suitable coverage, and guide clients through the intricacies of insurance policies. 
Moreover, Marcello's proficiency in employment law further enhances his ability to provide comprehensive advice and support. By integrating legal considerations into pension and insurance strategies, Marcello ensures compliance and safeguards the interests of his clients. 
Marcello's dedication to professionalism and staying up-to-date with industry trends is evident in his continuous pursuit of knowledge. He remains attuned to the latest developments and regulations within the field of pensions and insurance, allowing him to offer tailored solutions that align with the ever-changing landscape. 
With his specialized expertise, Marcello Pietrocola is a trusted advisor who assists individuals and organisations in navigating the complex world of pensions and insurance. Whether it is designing robust pension plans, assessing risk exposures, or ensuring compliance with legal requirements, Marcello's knowledge and commitment to delivering exceptional results make him an invaluable asset to his clients. 
Glenn Lynch (Barrister at Law) is an experienced practitioner in the areas of Employment Law, Judicial Review, Licensing Law, Company Law, Coronial Law and Criminal Law. 
Introducing Glenn Lynch, a highly accomplished professional with a diverse and impressive educational background. Glenn's qualifications include a BCL from University College Dublin, a Master of Law from Trinity College Dublin, a Barrister at Law degree from the Honourable Society of Kings Inns, a BA in English Literature from Dublin College University, and a Masters in post primary education from Hibernia College. 
With his extensive legal education and experience, Glenn has been practicing as a Barrister since 2017. He possesses a broad range of expertise and has successfully advocated in various courts, including the Supreme Court, High Court, Circuit Court, District Court, WRC (Workplace Relations Commission), Labour Court, and the Coroner's Court. Glenn's courtroom experience equips him with the skills and knowledge needed to handle complex legal matters and provide effective representation for his clients. 
In addition to his legal practice, Glenn serves as a lecturer in Law at several universities in Ireland. His areas of expertise include Employment Law, Regulatory Compliance, and Corporate Governance. Through his teaching, Glenn shares his extensive knowledge and practical insights, molding the next generation of legal professionals and fostering a deeper understanding of these critical areas of law. 
Glenn's commitment to excellence and his ability to effectively communicate complex legal concepts have made him a respected figure in both the legal and academic realms. His passion for continuous learning ensures that he remains up-to-date with the latest developments and precedents, allowing him to provide well-informed and cutting-edge legal advice. 
In summary, Glenn Lynch is a highly qualified legal professional who combines his experience as a Barrister with a passion for teaching and mentoring future lawyers. With his impressive qualifications, wide-ranging courtroom experience, and dedication to educating others, Glenn is a valuable asset in the legal community. Clients and students alike can rely on his expertise and guidance to navigate complex legal issues with confidence. 
Colin Daly (Accountant) is an experienced member of the Certified Institute of Public Accounts in Ireland (CPA). 
Introducing Colin Daly, a highly experienced professional and a valued member of the Certified Institute of Public Accounts in Ireland (CPA). With a diverse client base spanning various industries, including retail and medical device companies, Colin has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise throughout his career. 
Colin's extensive experience includes serving as the Financial Controller of an Irish-owned retail outlet, where he honed his skills in financial management and gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of the retail sector. This firsthand experience provided him with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by businesses in this industry. 
As a member of the Certified Institute of Public Accounts, Colin demonstrates his commitment to upholding the highest professional standards. His expertise extends beyond the retail sector, as he has successfully worked with clients across various industries. This diverse exposure has broadened his understanding of different business models and has equipped him with the adaptability and versatility needed to navigate the complexities of financial management. 
Colin's proficiency in financial analysis, budgeting, and strategic planning enables him to provide invaluable insights and guidance to his clients. His meticulous approach and attention to detail ensure accurate financial reporting and effective decision-making support. 
With Colin's in-depth industry knowledge and his ability to understand the unique requirements of each client, he is adept at delivering tailored financial solutions that drive growth and optimize business performance. 
In summary, Colin Daly is a highly skilled professional with a wealth of experience in financial management and a specialisation in retail and medical device industries. His membership in the Certified Institute of Public Accounts reflects his commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards. With his diverse expertise and client-centered approach, Colin is a trusted advisor who empowers businesses to achieve their financial objectives and thrive in their respective industries. 
Patrick Barrett (Barrister at Law) is an eminent legal expert with a prominent educational track record. His comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in law are reinforced by his Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) and Master of Laws (LLM) degrees from the University of College Cork (UCC) as well as a Barrister at Law Degree from the prestigious Honorable Society of King's Inns. 
Introducing Patrick, a barrister with extensive experience encompassing a broad sprectrum of both civil and criminal law, making him a versaltile legal practitioner. His areas of focus include, but are not limited to, contracts, employment, tort, intellectual property, and company law. 
Patrick excels in deciphering the intricacies of various legal frameworks to offer comprehensive legal solutions. In terms of professional practice, Patrick has an expansive reach, spanning various court and tribunal settings. He has efficiently represented clients at different levels including the High Court, Circuit Court, District Court, Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), and the Labour Court, among others. This wide-ranging courtroom experience illustrates his capability to champion his client's interests effectively and secure favourable outcomes. 
Motivated by his firm commitment to securing exceptional results, Patrick is widely recognised for his professionalism, integrity, and relentless pursuit of success. His commitment to staying updated with evolving legal trends places him at the cutting edge of his profession, ensuring he is always armed with the latest legal insights and strategies as a barrister. His dedication is highly esteemed among colleagues and clients alike. 
Janice Taylor (Global Recruitment Expert) is an expert in Global Recruitment and Migration, assisting Large Scale companies since 2003, in sourcing candidates from technical level to executive level, for their companies. 
Introducing Janice, a renowned Global Recruitment Expert with a proven track record in assisting large-scale companies since 2003. With her expertise in Global Recruitment and Migration, Janice excels in sourcing candidates across technical and executive levels, providing invaluable support to organizations in their talent acquisition endeavors. 
Janice's qualifications include a BA in Psychology and African Language from the University of Stellenbosch, demonstrating her comprehensive understanding of human behavior and cultural dynamics. She also holds a BCom in Labour Law and Training from the University of South Africa, equipping her with a solid foundation in labor regulations and employee development. 
Throughout her career, Janice has collaborated closely with multinationals, ensuring that their recruitment needs are met and that candidates align perfectly with the organizational culture. Her deep understanding of cultural nuances enables her to identify candidates who not only possess the required skills and experience but also exhibit the ideal cultural fit within the organization. 
Beyond recruitment, Janice actively supports companies in their training initiatives. By assessing the specific needs of each organization, she designs and delivers customized training programs to enhance employee performance and productivity. Her coaching expertise ensures that employees are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their roles and contribute to the overall success of the organization. 
Janice's commitment to excellence and her ability to align recruitment and training strategies with business objectives makes her an invaluable asset to her clients. She consistently goes above and beyond to understand the unique needs and challenges of each organization, delivering tailored solutions that drive success and maximize employee potential. 
In summary, Janice Taylor is a globally recognized expert in the field of recruitment, migration, and employee development. Her qualifications, coupled with her extensive experience working with large-scale companies, position her as a trusted partner for organisations seeking exceptional talent and cultural alignment. With Janice's guidance and support, companies can build high-performing teams, optimize employee potential, and achieve their business goals. 
James Taylor (International Recruitment Professional) is an experienced practitioner in the areas of Employment Law, Judicial Review, Licensing Law, Company Law, Coronial Law and Criminal Law. 
Introducing James Taylor, a highly skilled International Recruitment Professional with extensive expertise in various areas of law. With a career spanning over 20 years, James has successfully recruited top talent for organizations ranging from multinational corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). His recruitment services encompass both local placements within Ireland and sourcing cross-border talent, where he provides expert Visa assistance, including Critical/General Skills Visas. 
James possesses a broad legal knowledge base, with proficiency in Employment Law, Judicial Review, Licensing Law, Company Law, Coronial Law, and Criminal Law. This deep understanding of legal complexities enables him to navigate the intricacies of recruitment, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and addressing any legal considerations that may arise throughout the hiring process. 
In addition to his legal expertise, James holds qualifications in Marketing and Sales. He earned a NQL Level 7 qualification from the Cape Town Technical University and Boston Business College, further enhancing his ability to understand and fulfill the unique recruitment needs of diverse industries. 
James's reach extends beyond Ireland, as he actively engages in recruitment efforts on a global scale. With experience in Europe, the UK, Asia, Australia, and Africa, he has successfully filled vacancies for over 50 companies worldwide. This global perspective enables James to identify and connect top talent with organizations, regardless of geographic boundaries. 
As an International Recruitment Professional, James is committed to delivering exceptional services and providing tailored solutions that align with the specific needs of his clients. His comprehensive understanding of legal considerations, combined with his expertise in marketing and sales, positions him as a trusted partner in attracting and securing the best talent for organisations across diverse industries. 
In summary, James Taylor is an accomplished International Recruitment Professional with a vast experience in sourcing and placing top talent across multiple industries. His legal expertise, particularly in Employment Law and other areas, ensures a comprehensive understanding of the recruitment landscape. With a global reach and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, James is dedicated to helping organizations thrive by connecting them with the best candidates, whether locally or on an international scale. 
Lisa Cresswell (Executive Coach and Trainer) is a professional coach and trainer who works with managers and business owners in healthcare, industry and business, helping them become the kind of leaders people cannot wait to work for. 
Introducing Lisa an exceptional professional in the field of executive coaching and training. With her extensive experience and unique skill set, Lisa specializes in working with managers and business owners in healthcare, industry, and business, guiding them to become exceptional leaders who inspire and motivate their teams. 
Lisa's background in nursing, coupled with her in-depth knowledge of human physiology, adds a distinct dimension to her coaching approach. She seamlessly integrates her nursing expertise with proven coaching methodologies and emerging insights from the field of neuroscience. This combination allows her to provide transformative coaching experiences that drive personal growth and professional development. 
In particular, managers in healthcare, safety-critical, or risk-averse sectors benefit greatly from Lisa's expertise. She specializes in coaching aspiring Restorative Leaders who aim to cultivate a culture of psychological safety and learning within their organisations. By utilizing her diverse range of skills and expertise, Lisa empowers managers to create environments that foster trust, innovation, and growth. 
Lisa incorporates a variety of models and frameworks into her coaching practice, tailoring her approach to meet the specific needs of her clients. She draws upon methodologies such as Micro-Resilience, the Five Levels of Leadership, Just Culture, Conversational Intelligence, and others as required. This versatility allows her to address complex challenges effectively and empower her clients to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. 
With Lisa as their guide, managers and business owners can expect to undergo a transformative journey, unlocking their full leadership potential and creating thriving work environments. Lisa's approach, grounded in both scientific knowledge and practical experience, helps her clients develop the skills and mindset necessary to excel as leaders and inspire their teams to achieve extraordinary results. 
In summary, Lisa Cresswell is an accomplished executive coach and trainer who combines her background in nursing, coaching expertise, and insights from neuroscience to drive powerful leadership transformations. Her specialization in healthcare, safety-critical, and risk-averse sectors makes her a sought-after professional for those seeking to become Restorative Leaders and create a culture of psychological safety. With Lisa's guidance and unique blend of skills, managers can confidently embark on a journey of growth, achieving exceptional leadership and fostering success within their organizations. 
Bono (Wellness Manager) is an experienced wellbeing ambassador for ensuring wellness and establishing a workplace culture of health at work within the team at FT Consultants. 
Introducing Bono, the distinguished Persian cat who brings a unique and captivating energy as an experienced Wellbeing Ambassador. With his irresistible charm and comforting presence, Bono has touched the hearts of many, leaving a lasting pawprint on the lives he encounters. 
Despite his inability to communicate in human language, Bono possesses an innate ability to connect with individuals on a deep emotional level. His plush fur, expressive eyes, and gentle purrs have a remarkable calming effect, providing solace and support to those in need. 
As a Wellbeing Ambassador, Bono is a master of the art of relaxation and stress relief. With his graceful demeanor, he effortlessly creates a serene atmosphere wherever he goes. Whether he's perched on a cozy cushion or gracefully gliding through the room, Bono exudes an air of tranquility that brings solace and encourages a sense of inner peace. 
Bono's soothing presence extends beyond the realm of personal well-being. He has made numerous appearances at special events, hospitals, and therapy centers, bringing joy and comfort to those facing challenging circumstances. His unconditional love and empathetic nature make him a true ambassador of well-being, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of all who have the privilege of meeting him. 
In summary, Bono the Persian cat is not just a feline companion; he is a symbol of serenity and a purveyor of emotional support. As an experienced Wellbeing Ambassador, Bono's mere presence has the power to uplift spirits, provide comfort, and promote a sense of well-being. His unique ability to connect with people on an emotional level makes him an exceptional furry friend and a cherished advocate for mental and emotional health. 

Our Approach 

The FreshThinking approach is premised on the following commitments: 
Client-centred approach 
Attention to detail 
Mutual respect and trust 
Best practice 
Regular audits 

Our Philosophy 

The FreshThinking philosophy is premised on the following beliefs: 
Continuous professional development 
Continuity of service 
Deliver on promise 
Learning from mistakes 
Great relationships 
Honesty and respect 
Confidentiality Assured 

Our Guarantee 

The FreshThinking guarantee is premised on the following deliverables: 
Easy communication 

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