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The Annual Report of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission was launched on June 24th, 2019, providing an overview of the Commission's work in 2018, with a focus on equality in the workplace. 
Disability discrimination received particular attention in the Report, with 1,711 concerns raised in 2018, making it the highest area of contact for the Commission. 
The Report explained that the Commission has legal powers to appear as amicus curiae in cases related to human rights or equality, and highlighted its involvement in the high-profile employment equality case of Nano Nagle School v. Marie Daly. The Commission also provided representation in other cases involving disability discrimination, such as a recruitment service withdrawing an interview offer from a deaf man who requested reasonable accommodations. 
The Report also cited examples of the Commission's representation in cases of discrimination based on race, age, and family status, and referenced several draft codes of conduct being developed by the Commission, including a Code of Practice on Equal Pay, Family Friendly Measures in the Workplace and a revised version of the Code of Practice on Sexual Harassment and Harassment at Work. 
The Report serves as a reminder to employers to avoid discrimination on any of the nine grounds, both in ongoing employment and at the recruitment stage. Employers must be particularly careful to comply with obligations related to employees and potential employees with disabilities, including providing reasonable accommodations and obtaining expert medical advice. Employers should also stay updated on the development of the Commission's draft employment-related codes and be prepared to update company policies and procedures accordingly. 
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