Staff Handbooks 

At Fresh Thinking, we can tick the following boxes should you need: 
Do you need new or updated staff handbooks? 
Do you need to ensure that you are compliant with local legislation? 
Do you need to ensure that you have the essential HR policies in your workplace? 
The staff handbook is an essential and practical way to ensure that your workplace is compliant with employment law particularly within the Irish jurisdiction not including Northern Ireland which although similar is a different jurisdiction regulated essentially by UK legislation. 
The staff handbook should contain the policies and procedures for the safe operation of your workplace. As these policies and procedures can be subject to change for many reasons including new legislation etc., it is important that you have a separate handbook which is referred to in your employment contracts but not part of your contract, simply because if it were to be part of your contract then it would make it more difficult to make amendments hence we recommend that it forms part of the contract but is a separate document. 
Some key information and policies that are essential to consider and include are as follows: 
Your company history and culture including strategy and objectives 
Break times and rest periods 
Bullying and harassment 
Computer, email and use of telecommunications 
Data protection (GDPR) 
Dignity and Respect at Work policy 
Family orientated policies 
Grievance and disciplinary 
Health & Safety 
Hours of work 
Leave and benefits 
Minimum notice periods 
Probationary periods 
Redundancy policy 
Right to search 
Sick leave and absences 
Social media policies 
If you have not updated your staff handbook in the last while, it would be well recommended that you consider a review and update to ensure that you are workplace compliant. 
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