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Our transformational change research, with the University of Bath, explores HR and L&D’s role in managing change though four case study organisations. 
The research demonstrates that people management and development professionals have a significant role to play in any change management process. They often act as ‘stage directors of change’ playing a critical role behind the scenes – appreciated by all, but not front of stage. The report provides a number of recommendations that people professionals should consider if they are to be successful expert initiators and facilitators of transformational change: 
Be willing to work as the ‘hidden hand’ of change, highly relevant to its success. Work in partnership with the CEO/business leader and their executive team and as ‘back stage’ support for their ‘front stage’ activity. 
Facilitate translation of the overall vision through mass communication, use of relevant techniques, and changes to interactions and entrenched systems. 
Create change advocates, remove obstacles, act on measurement and ensure leader visibility. 
In our new Profession Map, understanding how to effectively enable change is a ’core’ knowledge area for all people professionals. But they may experience a conflict of interest between the business and employees, when leading and managing change. The ability to apply situational judgement and demonstrate moral integrity is what will enable them to be trusted advisors, and help the organisation create long-term sustainability. Since HR is responsible for making decisions that affect workers’ lives, it’s important that practitioners have confidence to uphold professional standards when faced with difficult situations. For more, see our report on professional identity. 
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