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WorkSafe Ireland: Navigating and Addressing Domestic Abuse in the Workplace 


In our rapidly evolving society, the importance of recognising and responding to the signs of domestic abuse has never been more critical. While domestic abuse has long been an issue shrouded in silence and misunderstanding, our mission is to break these barriers and empower every individual, be it in a workplace or a social setting, to not only identify the signs but also to empathise and act supportively. Whether it is a colleague at work, a client you engage with, a friend you meet for coffee, or a family member you share your life with – no one should feel isolated or helpless in the face of domestic abuse. 
Our specially curated 'Demystifying Domestic Abuse Training' is an immersive face-to-face experience tailored for a compact group of 25 participants. Ideally, those participating should include individuals who are in positions that can influence the broader workforce or community, such as domestic abuse and health & well-being champions, HR leaders, or people managers. 
At the completion of this training, attendees will be equipped with the comprehensive understanding and abilities needed to fully adhere to the newly established statutory mandates, adeptly handle disclosures, and provide substantial support to employees affected by domestic abuse, in line with the provisions of the "Work-Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2022" which notably expanded its reach to include victims of domestic violence, incorporating a laudable provision of five days of statutory paid leave. 
Date: Tuesday 7 November, 2023 
Time: 9 am - 4:30 pm 
The training is meticulously segmented into three transformative phases: 
Make Do And Mend: A deep-dive into the multifaceted nature of domestic abuse, its signs, and the profound impact on its victims. Using Changing Relations' compelling film 'Make Do and Mend' as a foundation, this segment propels the conversation about why leaving an abusive relationship is not as straightforward as it seems. 
Us Too: Through the evocative soundscape, 'Us Too', by Changing Relations, we journey into the wide spectrum of individuals affected by domestic abuse, dismantling stereotypes and understanding the barriers in recognizing abuse. 
Apply The Learning: The culmination of our training focuses on proactive measures, evaluating bystander responses, and how preconceived gender norms can influence workplace culture. This segment is all about introspection and transformation, ensuring the learning is effectively applied in real-life scenarios. 
Together, let's create a world where understanding and empathy towards domestic abuse victims are not the exception but the norm. 
The day will be broken down in 6 sessions: 
Session 1: Introduction 
Implement policies and procedures within the business structure. 
Establish necessary training modules to respond aptly to employee needs. 
Develop an appropriate response mechanism to address employees' individual requirements. 
Session 2: Demystifying Domestic Abuse 
Launch the "Demystifying Domestic Abuse" initiative to highlight the concealed and intricate nature of domestic abuse. 
Offer accessible and extensive information to illuminate the various facets of domestic abuse. 
Educate participants and provide them with a profound understanding of the different forms of domestic abuse. 
Session 3: Exploration of the Complex Web of Domestic Abuse 
Engage in a thorough analysis of the intricate network of domestic abuse, including its subtle signs and significant impacts on victims. 
Utilize the insightful film 'Make Do and Mend' by Changing Relations as a focal point to foster an open conversation. 
Initiate an honest dialogue that explores the challenges victims face when attempting to leave abusive relationships, highlighting the multifaceted complexities involved. 
Session 4: Shared Experiences: Embarking on the 'Us Too' Journey 
Dive into the evocative audio environment presented in 'Us Too,' a production by Changing Relations. 
Undertake a moving journey through the varied experiences of individuals affected by domestic abuse, aiming to break stereotypes. 
Foster empathy and understanding by uncovering the complexities that often hinder the identification of abuse, offering deep insights into the nuances involved. 
Session 5: Putting Knowledge into Action 
Focus on the development of proactive strategies that involve analyzing bystander responses and examining the influence of entrenched gender norms on workplace interactions. 
Engage in self-reflection and advocate for positive change to foster a healthier work environment. 
Ensure the translation of acquired insights into practical solutions that can be applied effectively in real-world scenarios. 
Session 6: What Policies and Procedures does our Company need 
Implementation of the "Work-Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2022" mandates employers to safeguard the well-being and assist victims of domestic violence. 
The notable amendment broadens the scope of employer responsibilities, incorporating the provision of a statutory paid leave of five days for victims of domestic violence. 
Employers are now accountable for facilitating substantial support and benefits to employees experiencing domestic violence, promoting a safer and more supportive work environment. 
The Training Approach 
"Changing Relations is an education and training company that challenges thinking around gender norms and healthy relationships, using creative methods as the foundation of the resources we provide".... 
"..we place thought-provoking and engaging artistic content at the heart of our training, providing an opportunity to explore the reality of the lives, perceptions and experiences of those affected by the issues we're addressing. We do this because the arts are a powerful set of tools for engaging people emotionally, generating empathy and provoking fresh perspectives."  
"Changing Relations brings rigour to the process of designing training to support participants take aesthetic experiences to the analytical level, using methods that encourage reflection, laying the foundation for learning to be applied." 


All trainers have relevant training qualifications 
Workshops are delivered outside of normal working hours 
Content is up-to-date with course notes provided 
Practical modular workshops 
Customised in-house delivery where requested 
Coaching aftercare where requested to ensure class to workplace transition 


Catherine can be contacted at 085 7177888 or email her at 

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